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Cara Installasi
RF Palladium

Hai Bro, berikut video Cara Installasi RF Palladium. Jika ada Problem terkait installasi Bro sekalian bisa langsung Contact GM Iki / GM Doni (Contact GM)

1. You must have a full client installer RF Golden Mystery, If you do not have Client installer RF Golden Mystery you can download Here.

2. Make sure you have it installed correctly.

3. Make sure you have downloaded one of the above patches.

4. If you have downloaded the FullPatch - RF Paladium.rar copy file you have downloaded to the RF Mystery RF Client directory.

5. Right-click on the FullPatch - RF Paladium.rar Select Extract Here. 

6. After that there will be notice you simply Click Yes to All.

7. Then run RF PALLADIUM.exe wait until loading is complete then input your ID and Password.

8. And Happy Playing.

RF Palladium Private Server
GM Iki

(Donation, Event, Bug Report)
Whatsapp: 083109066993
Line : rxzy24

GM Doni

(Event and New Information)
Whatsapp: 0812-9330-3741